This company was established by William George Child in 1890 and although the family were tailors before this date, this was the starting point of the current business. The location of Wandsworth was chosen at that time as it was known as a prosperous and thriving area with many potential customers and no rival tailoring businesses.

Over the following years, business was good enough to allow the opening of another shop at Clapham Junction, and this was run by one of the two sons of William George. The original Wandsworth shop was run by the other son Charles. This situation continued on through into the 1940s when with the start of World War 2 production was given over to the war effort, and uniforms were made instead of suits. In 1944 both branches were hit during German bombing raids with the total destruction of the Clapham Junction branch and the partial destruction of the Wandsworth branch, which was duly rebuilt and continues to operate to this day. Sadly it was the end for the sister shop in Clapham.


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